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You can enjoy this and MORE as a BakeSw@p Circle Subscriber! Would you like to become a Circle Subscriber?

You can enjoy this and MORE as a BakeSw@p Circle Subscriber! Would you like to become a Circle Subscriber?

BakeSw@p makes it easy for busy parents to give their kids the nutrition they need in their school lunch boxes

The concept plays on the idea that “many hands make light work”. BakeSw@p is about bringing a community of parents together who share a passion for healthy alternatives and a love for their kids. Each parent brings a plate of their own healthy snacks for school, meets at the designated meet-up spot and swaps their own kids snacks with other parents. Each family then takes home a delicious variety of healthy school snacks for the week. The process couldn’t be easier, it’s as simple as bake and swap!

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BakeSw@p helps mums beat the daily lunchbox drudge

Are your kids as fussy as mine? Are they tired of having the same lunches every day? Do you find yourself resorting to quick-fix lunchbox tricks that have next to no nutritional value?

It’s no surprise that with the rising number of unhealthy food and snack options, kids today are not eating the right amounts of the right things. As parents, it’s our responsibility to make sure our children are getting the nutrition they need so they can be the healthiest they can be, but it can be hard to know where to start.

Healthy snacks for school

Thankfully, BakeSw@p takes the hassle out of sourcing expensive healthy snack options and provides everyday parents with a variety of healthy lunchbox ideas for kids. BakeSw@p is about sharing the load to make baking easier for yourself whilst also helping out other parents in the process. With BakeSw@p, you’ll never make another dull lunchbox!

How to BakeSw@p

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By joining BakeSw@p you will not only gain access to a list of healthy lunch box recipes, but also a directory of tips, tricks, guides and more!

Get started icon2 GET CONNECTED

Create and join BakeSw@p circles with your friends or discover other parents whose children go to the same school, live nearby or have the same food allergies. You can create or join as many circles as you like for AUD$24 per year or around $2 a month.

Get started icon3 START SWAPPING

BakeSw@p will help you coordinate the time, place and frequency of your bake swap and the menu of delicious treats.

FREE 30-day trial

To avoid doubling up BakeSw@p will let you know if someone else in your circle is already making the same thing (so you don’t end up with 10 kinds of banana muffins!). We have a range of healthy and delicious lunch box snack recipes for kids that will keep them going all day! To view them click here and sign up!

BakeSw@p your way!

We understand that parents are super busy and each juggling a million things. Whether it’s once a week, once a fortnight or even once a year, you can choose how often you’d like to BakeSw@p. You can even put your swapping on hold if you go on holidays or over the Christmas break.

With BakeSw@p we want to create a generational change and let our kids know that it is possible to have healthy snacks that are both nutritious and delicious! Our school BakeSwap initiative helps mums and dads share the load, connect with other likeminded people and have fun!

BakeSw@p isn’t only great for parents and kids. Use it to run your own cake stalls, cater a school or sporting club function, for Christmas lunches, dinner rosters, afternoon teas, or any event that requires bringing a plate to share. Find out how easy it is when BakeSw@p organises everything (goodbye endless emails and texts!) and coordinates your menu.

It’s so easy to BakeSw@p! For great lunch box ideas and a range of healthy afterschool snacks your kids will actually eat, join our community at BakeSw@p today.

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